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Self Mastery Series

5 (90minute) Yoga ceremonies with Szilvia - in studio and over zoom

Journey into the holy grounds where your body meets your mind, where wonderful shifts can happen to create potent and positive shifts for your life and birth you into a master of your life force. Through these live action classes we get to do real deep transformational work, supported by the power of Szilvia's Turanian Tengrist Ceremony.
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There is real potent power to receive the seeing and instruction REAL TIME. While the topics (intents) of these 90minute forrest yoga/PJA inspired classes are set, there will be customized cue to the group of people who show up. Classes will be held on the dates listed below, Saturdays at 10am pst in my Los Angeles studio (for a very limited number of people) and over zoom too. When you register for class you will receive an email from me. It will be my way to connect with you and check your level/skills and any personal intent you would like to add to the work. I will hold ceremonial space for transformation.


This program is for you if you..

  • are a yoga person, have worked with me before or you have some yoga experience  (important: note your level of yoga experience before class-look for email check in from
  • can pledge to show up for yourself by showing up to these classes , through that practice honoring my teaching and the energy I put into this medicine work
  • are an open minded good communicator and can speak up if you need modification AND a good listener to take and apply my feedback during class
  • are ready to release years and aeons of stuck tension, stress and outdated belief systems from your body and establish good function
  • are ready to open up to grater energy flow with more calm as a life practice
  • not ready to or can not commit to my one month long programs that require almost daily mindfulness practice (Breath and Embodiment)
  • are ready to light up from head to toe
  • are open to participate and co-create in ceremonial ways for a moment in time
  • are ready to do the work to get unstuck
  • need to remember why you love yoga and feeling alive

This program is not for you if you..

  • are very new to yoga movement and embodiment practices (Enroll in Embodiment and Breath course. These will all be ideal place to master the foundational movement skills needed for more advanced work)
  • expect others to fix you and are looking for a quick fix to your problems

Let's do this!!

self mastery

Szilvia Bakos

I am the creatrix of Pelvic Jaw Alignment. I help people unlearn unhealthy breathing patterns to live a more aligned and embodied Life. I am also a level 3 Forrest Yoga teacher with 10 years of teaching experience.
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