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5 Lesson DIY virtual course with Szilvia | BLAFit device | Community support

Toned and Unclenched - Functional face yoga course to unclench your jaw, end clicking, balance your facial tone and reclaim your Life

Bonus for limited time! Monthly Community support live sessions with replay!

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Ready to unclench your jaw, sleep better and wake up rested? I am on a mission to get you pain free!

I have a dream plan for you! And that is to end your clenching and clicking patterns, access more breath, and enter a better quality life in an easy to access way ! Because you were designed for pleasure and feel-good sensations in life!


I am Szilvia and I am so glad you found me!

For 10 years I helped people GET OUT OF PAIN as a yoga teacher! Because there is 0 education in how to address jaw and facial pain, I created this course when I stepped on the path of my TMJ disorder healing.

I spent the past 3 years working up close with a TMJ specialist doctor who developed a facial training device you will learn to use if you decide to buy this bundle.

I applied my yogic logic, alignment cues and expertise in fascia/muscle and movement education towards resolving TMJ disorder related issues. Unlike other products on the market that may actually make your clenching habits WORSE, this product when used with my methods will balance the muscle tone in your face! All while decompressing the important nerve junctions that are responsible to feed your brain with blood flow ! The very same nerve junction are also responsible for pain like TMJ disorder or migraine headaches!

The breath work technique you will learn in this face yoga course will switch your nervous system towards regulation, which means better sleep, less pain and more capacity to actually ENJOY life!

Now let's make that dream a reality!

The moment you decide to purchase this bundle, you will be able to access the course. And once your order is processed, I ship your device world wide (shipping is on every Tuesday). When you receive your device you can get started by following along the pre-recorded lessons.

While this short, power punch course is DIY (you are on your own), you WILL RECEIVE SUPPORT FROM ME; we have a private facebook group where you can post questions AND I offer a once a month community support session as a bonus you should definitely take advantage of, where I answer members' question.

With Toned and Unclenched functional face yoga mini course You will learn

  • how to take your well being in your own hands
  • to train your facial muscles in a balanced way - to reduce grinding, clenching and jaw clicking !
  • to use simple principles and create your customized daily one minute (or more if you wish) self care routine that goes WAY BEYOND just patting your face with lotions or rub your face around

The sooner you enroll, the longer you get to enjoy your Bonus community support!

Super bonus !! For a limited time take advantage of my free community support when you enroll in this course and join the lineage of BLAFit users. So while this is a DIY course, you will receive my support. The sooner you enroll the more you can take advantage of this! Scheduled virtual community support dates are: Every first Friday of the month from 11am-11:30am pst , until July 7th 2023.

I have been working up close with Dr. Maryam in the past 3 years

The device you will be using was invented by a doctor, Dr. Maryam, a practicing dentist of 30 years, specializing in the field of orthodontics, TMJ disorder healing and sleep apnea.

Within the self guided DIY course, I teach you how to add in the yogic tools to create alignment, balanced muscle tone, and tap into the pain releasing work and generate your Glow.

This is the BLAFit device! When you go to check out, you will pick your color.
Take a look at the amazing before after pics - click the image

I am so flippin excited to have you consider choosing this tool to help YOU!

My greatest delight is seeing people take their well being in their own hands, get out of pain so that they can create their dream life while claiming MORE ENERGY!

My TMJ peeps! 

A 10 week course to reduce your TMJ pain is COMING! This course, Holistic Body Integration for TMJ disorder healing group course beta testing will begin mid September!!!

Book a consultation below to connect with me and find out if this course will help you!

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Szilvia Bakos

Hi I am Szilvia, I bring in the yogic perspective and my knowledge on fascia, jaw to pelvis alignment and muscle function approach towards TMD and TMJ disorder related issues. 20 years experience of yoga and myofascial release, 10 years of teaching experience, I came across the BLAFit device when I saw one of my students using it after class. I purchased one too and started to experiment and successfully turned off my overactive neck, and turned on my whole core line. This is how my journey and friendship begun with the inventor of BLAFit, dr. Maryam, and how I added my yogic expertise to the work of BLAFit. Through this, and ongoing work with Dr. Maryam I became one of the first certified BLAFit trainers and with my expertise on breath, movement and nervous system, enhanced the possibilities of the device.
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