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5 Lesson mini course with Szilvia

Functional Face Yoga

Simple functional face yoga exercises, done with the BLAFit device

A wonderful virtual mini course to teach you how to exercise your facial/neck muscles to create a lasting result, reduced pain and well function before/during and after orthodontic treatment that targets to align your bite and create a beautiful smile.
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I am Szilvia and so excited to have you here!

Perhaps you are currently receiving orthodontic treatment for either functional or beauty purposes.. Congratulations for taking these steps for your health and well being! Now let's make sure these treatments and your smiles will last! If you are in pain/discomfort I feel you. As a TMJ patient myself I have been there! Perhaps you are not in any orthodontic treatment now but you feel you should make improvements in your facial muscles, feeling a need to work on aligning your bite, bring blood flow to your face and overall you want to feel better, more vibrant and happy! Let's do this! Done with the BLAFit device, I can not wait to show you these simple, quick and effective exercises that helped me get into function and get to help you too!

This program is for you if you

  • Understand that change and transformation takes time and results happen when you implement new patterns repeatedly 
  • You can spend at least 5 minutes dedicated to your self care to make you feel happy and accomplished 
  • understand that there are things you can do to improve your own health and well being that will make your doctor’s work way more efficient too
  • You are ready to to show up for yourself and dedicate time to do the work with simple exercises that requires your participation
  • Happy to pick up your BLAFit device and get the most out of it to improve your facial functions and overall well being
  • Ready to invest in an $85 hip little device (BLAFit) designed by a Dentist and an Aerospace engineer and ready to learn


  • Adding the right type of breath to face yoga positively affects the nervous system because we positively stimulate the vagus nerve, which originates in the head, behind ear and continues through the neck into your vital organs
  • Learning the right face yoga exercises done with a dentist created tool to reduce TMJ pain and facial discomfort through decompressing the TMJoint
  • The powerhouse of cranio nerves live in the brainstem that helps you avoid postural collapse that contribute to many of your issues from facial pain through inflammation or pain in other parts of your body (like a low back)
  • Exercising your face does more than just creating functional patterns in your jaw. Your jaw is linked to your toe through the fascia (connective tissue) in your body so when you work out your face, you generate health for the rest of the body

This program is not for you if you..

  • are looking for quick fix solution
  • are too busy to carve out 5 minutes per day for self care instead of spending almost all day with worrying about things 
  • think your health and well being is completely out of your hands 
  • Would rather spend $2800 on amazing orthodontic devices and extra $500+ money on follow up treatments without taking simple steps with a $85 device and priceless education that equips you with a life long movement training 

Let's do this!!

First, I want to make sure you have a BLAFit device because you will need one to do these exercises. If you don't have a device, I will send you a 20% coupon code you can use towards your device, in the BLAFit store!

Szilvia Bakos

I am the creatrix of Pelvic Jaw Alignment. I help people unlearn unhealthy breathing patterns to live a more aligned and embodied Life. At the age of 19 I got into yoga. I was curious to see if learning yogic breathing and moving my body into pretzel shapes helped with my chaotic inner life. My first experience with spirituality, breath work and meditation got me even more out of my body and left me confused. Later on as a Forrest Yoga teacher I started to learn how to get into my body. I learnt that getting into my body was the key to healing.
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