Get out of your head and into your body

Take action to heal your relationship with yourself and the world

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How do you know if you are not embodied?

Have a hard time feeling sensations/feeling numb
Things feel out of your control
You prioratize other people's feelings, well being before your own
Deal with 'unexplainable' conditions such as skin rashes, anxiety, mystery pain, psychological issues
Unable to experience pleasure to your fullest capacity
Have a hard time making decisions based of your needs
Have lots to give the world but don't know how to go about sharing your inner wisdom, feeling like you are "too much"

Imagine being embodied, knowing exactly what you want and asking for it. 

Your body holds answers. By being your body’s partner and good listener you are guided towards healing. I will be honest. It is not an easy task to feel. But feeling is the key to healing.

When you are not in your body you:

Experience frequent heartbreak and feel desperate for attention and love
You have shitty boundaries
Feel taken advantage of often at the workplace, in relationships
You doubt your self worth, have a people pleaser tendency 
Pick the wrong partner who can not meet your true needs because you don’t even know what you want. You don't really enjoy  s✨e✨x
Expressing your needs feels challenging
are hard on yourself , want to do everything perfectly 
Do not have energy for yourself and feel exhaustion due to doing things for others

What causes disembodiment?

Disembodiment is an unresolved trauma response of the nervous system. Something that happens as a ‘side effect’ when we (our nervous system) can not process events in our life. Our nervous system decides that these events are ‘threat’ and shuts down into ‘collapse’. Think about in nature when animals play dead to increase their chances to survive (or give in/give up). In a way we are stuck on a trauma loop. When we feel unsafe we can get right back to the old way of trauma response. Stuck on this loop or when we go through a phase, circumstances and interactions become triggering. Because of this, the key to teach our body and get into healing mode, is SAFETY.

Knowing yourself enables your connections to be Healthy and Healing

When you pay attention to your body and practice listening skills, you do your healing. This relationship practice to yourself will help you to experience life in a fuller way, experience life more frequently as a wonderful experience, filled with more frequent moments of JOY. Living life to the fullest means you do things and interact from a place of knowing yourself and your needs. Your presence communicates clarity.

Being in your body means you have a chance to experience life as something potentially wonderful.

  • You will feel and you will embody your confidence.
  • You will rely on yourself to be a leader of your life.
  • You will feel empowered to stand on your soap box loud and amplify your voice.
  • You will have excellent boundaries.
  • Gain clear sight, seeing things truly for what they are.
  • Gain access to your body’s wisdom
I'm ready to get in my body

Program Features

Recorded lessons at your convenience

You are in charge of your progress. Take the course when it is convenient for you. I encourage you to start at the beginning and complete one lesson before moving on to the next. Each lesson (learning segment) can be completed in one week. Revisit topics you need, this way You will gain new insights and make new connections. All live sessions on PJA community are available on replay.

Your awesome course

You will learn to Move to induce joy without hurting yourself Unload/release tension from your pelvis, neck/jaw, unload your psyche, Feel the power of your pelvis Release tension and move your body into ‘healing and self repair’ mode Understand the language of your body, practice listening skills while creating safety for yourself Use your body to anchor into reality and safely mobilize your body

BLA Fit instruction

Learn how to use the BLA Fit device to be embodied from jaw/neck to pelvis and be present for your life, respond to life from being centered. Experience a sense of relaxation and become masterful at uptaking your self-care practices. Create a self loving, self honoring routine, including PJA facial yoga with and without the BLAFit device. Enjoy free worldwide shipping. BLAFit is just one of our (awesome) tools in this program. You can begin your program without the device.

Nurturing community

Changing our patterns and forming new habits takes repetition. Our people are out there waiting to connect in a healing and nurturing way. You are not alone!! We show up for ourselves first but we live in the World, our connections can help us heal and our social/emotional circuitry gets nurtured by connecting with like minded people on similar healing journeys. And oftentimes we need the reminders and butt kicking to keep going. PJA Community (on our PRIVATE PLATFORM) was created for this purpose. To serve as a loving reminder. And I truly care about your growth.


Bonus #1
FREE BLA Fit Device
Developed by Dr. Maryam, a Manhattan Beach based orthodontist, sleep apnea and TMJ specialist. Shipments go out every Tuesday. 
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Bonus #2
FREE PJA Community Membership 
When you enroll in Embodiment, you will receive 1 free month of PJA Community membership. 
(Value: $79

Purchase Embodiment 

One of its kind Embodiment course
Value: $2,250
Free BLA Fit device & FREE shipping
Value: $85 + Shipping costs

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BLA fit device in 4 colors: gray, pink, lavender, aqua


I thought I knew some things about my pelvic area, but this class blew me away! Every class brought me back into my body in a deep and meaningful way. Szilvia has a gift of teaching you subtle movements that bring about big changes.
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
As I moved my jaw and lips, adding the breath in, I had the sensation of a mirror image of the same mechanics in my pelvis (for the side to side BLA exercise - I visualized the pelvis expanding side to side. And vice versa for the vertical movement. ) Along with Szilvia's personalized cues for sitting posture/ areas of my body to relax, I was able to feel a connection. Exhilarating!
Energy Artist
When Szilvia showed me how to use the BLA device and connect my breathing in a slow way, I felt my entire core engage for the first time, even though I have been doing yoga regularly for years.
Wendy Perkins
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
This training is highly recommended, ESPECIALLY, and I cannot stress this enough, if you have any physical or emotional blocks around being able to feel pleasure and satisfaction in your body. It’s revolutionary work!
Dr. Leila Kamali
Healer, Author, Educator
United Kingdom
Doctors said I would never get those muscles back. And the strain was on my back which kept getting injured. Szilvia’s work showed me I still have muscles in my core and how to engage them in a gentle kind way.
Amelia Blackstone
YouTuber (325 Better Habits)
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
I came to you frustrated with my condition. My dentist advised me to wear my mouth guard and it was out of her hands because from her standpoint, my teeth were perfect. You went through the entire (BLA Fit) demonstration & then I tried it out for myself. Within a minute BLA had unlocked my jaw!
Carmen Wehr
Yoga teacher

Your Keys to Success

Connect mind to your body through journaling and observation during movement practices
Get in the habit of paying attention to how you move, what thoughts you normally entertain
Make this journey yours by setting a personal intention, commitment and follow up on it.
Write down when you gain a new insight from your body or make new connections with a pattern in your body.
Catch and correct bad postural habits and replace them with alignment cues you learnt in the course.
If needed seek the support of a trusted, trauma informed therapist.

I can not wait to teach you what I learnt to help you unlearn YOUR unhealthy breathing and life patterns and thrive in your relationship both to yourself and to the world around you.

I'm ready to Enroll

Hi, I'm Szilvia

I am the creatrix of Pelvic Jaw Alignment. I help people unlearn unhealthy breathing patterns to live a more aligned and embodied Life.
At the age of 19 I got into yoga. I was curious to see if learning yogic breathing and moving my body into pretzel shapes helped with my chaotic inner life. My first experience with spirituality, breath work and meditation got me even more out of my body and left me confused.
Later on as a Forrest Yoga teacher I started to learn how to get into my body. I learnt that getting into my body was the key to healing.
Learn more about Szilvia

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