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Your TMJ is a sign of nervous system dysregulation

Tooth clenching/ grinding/TMJ, chronic headaches and insomnia. These could be your body’s signals that your nervous system needs healing. 

In this conversation with one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Maryam (orthodontist, sleep apnea & TMJ specialist, and inventor of BLAFit) we talk about TMJ, jaw clenching, how to remedy the issue and what happens in the nervous system.

I was blown away when dr. Maryam shared that TMJ signals an ongoing upregulation (sympathetic activation) of the nervous system. 

She explains how issues like TMJ show up in the nervous system. Specialists like Dr. Maryam create orthodontic devices to open up the airway and align our bite.  These orthodontics work beautifully most of the time but are very pricey.

Working with Pelvic Jaw Alignment’s method, using Dr. Maryam’s invention, the BLAFit, we can successfully teach the nervous system to down regulate and shift into healing mode by teaching the messeter muscle to lengthen and release in the vertical exercise of the BLAFit. The key is creating a connection between mind and body, COMBINED with a specific slow, connected breathing. This is the teaching that can not be in a booklet because it is something that needs to be experienced. Something that Szilvia teaches during all of her Pelvic Jaw Alignment courses! 

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