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Micro and Macro World of the Pelvic Floor

Are you a movement educator who would like to be informed about the pelvis? Be part of a radical wave of change by educating yourself and people with vulvas on their Pelvic Floor health with Charlie Speller and Szilvia of PJA.

Our 4 day virtual training "The Micro and Macro world of the Pelvic Floor" is coming up on November 19-22. Details and Registration HERE

"Debunking Pelvic Myths" IG live on Wednesday 10/27 at 8am pst. Meet us, hear our insights on holistic pelvic floor health and healing through yoga, movement and ceremony. This is such a good way to connect! I am going live from @Pelvic_Jaw_Alignment. Countdown to IG LIVE⬇

Check out our conversation below. Join us !

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