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Functional Face Yoga

Here is the deal. When you get your bite corrected with an orthopedic retainer, whether it serves the purpose of function (like correcting jaw position for TMJ relief) or aesthetics, while you achieve great outcomes in alignment, the question is WILL THAT NEW ALIGNMENT LAST? 

In order to make your new bite last, you have to train the muscles in your face. A well functioning muscle is balanced in tone, knows how to contract and relax. Sometimes we hold so much tension in our muscles due to STRESS that we become a human rubber band that is constantly stretched out to the max. Muscles that are in constant stress are unable to hydrate and function correctly. The shift needs to happen from a deep structural place. And the new alignment needs to last. Not only to be cost efficient (think about how much these treatments cost) but to make us more satisfied, feeling accomplished and good about our choices and actions we take for our health. 

See while orthodontic retainers are brilliant, they DO NOT TRAIN your facial muscles. This is why I am so excited about creating facial yoga exercises - taught in my virtual programs Embodiment and Breath- that target well function! 

When muscles learn how to work correctly, when you learn how important your BREATH is, giving your body space, time and the right mindset, you create and opportunity to RELEASE tension in the face/jaw and neck while you also tone the muscles. When this happens another wonderful thing happens too. When done correctly, your breath opens up, which means the pathway opens for a deeper capacity of breath that will regulate your body functions, by bringing your body into a parasympathetic (relaxation) mode and that is when your body can shift into self repair and healing mode. 

  • Pay attention to your body. 
  • Guide yourself back to feeling and get in touch with yourself - feel and notice sensations
  • Switch to nasal breathing if you are used to breathing through your mouth (specially during exercising)
  • Track your breath from nose towards your neck, use long exhalation. Create a quick pause during your day with 3 rounds of breaths like these. When you are ready to dive deeper, join my training programs Breath and Embodiment. As a bonus, my programs incorporate and include the original BLAFit device.

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