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Down regulating your nervous system using the BLAFit

A well operating nervous system smoothly shifts between upregulation (movement) and downregulation (calm) throughout the day. In a healthy nervous system when you sense threat your sympathetic nervous system activates and notions you to mobilize, then when threat is over it returns to a state of calm and rest.

When you have repeated threats and stress, your nervous system stays upregulated. Your nervous system needs training and healing guidance to lead her out of the thick of the woods and detangle ‘the threads’ of your neuro-networks and the tangled threads of your life stories.

When I came across the BLAFit I looked at is as a potential tool to create nervous system healing by helping the nervous system to move out of an upregulated and other disregulated states. I developed techniques that gently and effectively stimulate and balance the vagal nerve. Testing this theory on myself, clients and eventually Dr. Maryam (inventor of BLAfit) I realized that done in the correct way, we can help the nervous system downregulate (first part of healing) and bring it to regulation (second part).

Give this a try! Watch the video above to learn about the pelvic jaw connection, vagus nerve and some of the exercises of PJA

Did you know that TMJ is a sign of nervous system disregulation? 

I was blown away when dr. Maryam shared that TMJ signals an ongoing upregulation (sympathetic activation) of the nervous system. Stress is another example of unhealthy nervous system upregulation and it takes so much energy to maintain these states. So you need to teach your body how to come to regulation, FIRST by down regulating (bringing your system to parasympathetic activation). At PJA we use breath and awareness, combined with physical movement to create connection between the mind and the body and in our nervous system web. 

What else can signify a dysfunctional nervous system? 

The Markers that can indicate a dysfunctional nervous system are: feeling anxiety, unable to connect with others in a healing way and the disability of finding joy and our place in Life. Other signs can be autoimmune disease, skin problems, inflammation, digestive problems, locked jaw/TMJ. 

I developed each movement modality and process work of my programs to balance the nervous system.

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