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Can unhealthy breathing patterns be the reason of your pelvic dysfunction, TMJ, neck tension and pain?

Life is breath. Breath animates the human body and the Earth breathes through the winds. 

Without breath there is no life. So our path to coming to life is through opening up the pathway of the breath and on our life paths we develop different breathing habits that eventually govern our lives, often times more than we are aware of ! 

One of the main organs of breathing is the Diaphragm. As you inhale the diaphragm descends, as you exhale it rises up. But breath does not stop at the diaphragm. An optimal breath should reach into the pelvic floor, giving your reproductive organs a nice soothing massage. Organs and subsystems in the body need oxygenation. 

Just like the wind creates movement in the tree branches, your OPTIMAL breath creates a healing movement within your body. Shallow breathing creates a limited range of motion in the body which teaches your joints and muscles to function in a limited way too. And organs can get the message to go slumber. So opening up the pathway of the breath enables us to create oxygenation and initiate our body’s self healing ability. 

Mental/emotional factors can influence breathing patterns in the body, just like our mental/emotional states affect our structural patterns (how you move through life daily). Many times issues from TMJ to incontinence, and a range of undiagnosed or hard to diagnose issues are rooted in dysfunctional breathing patterns, due to a poorly functioning or improperly developed nervous system.

Your breath, when moves smoothly through the body IS A REGULATOR ! One of my favorite things about the regulatory nature of breath is its ability to heal and regulate the nervous system. And it is so simple. For example when I spiral down on an old bad mental habit (not being kind to myself) the first thing that happens is that I notice THAT I STOPPED BREATHING. So I do something very simple: in that moment I choose to take a deep breath. That breath of (choosing) Life helps my scattered mind and energy to get centered and I experience a positive shift. Patterns (repeated structural or mental habits) need repeated reminders in order to shift gears, meaning to create new (better, more healing) habits (new patterns in the body).

The more we bring our attention to how we breathe the more we are given a choice to create shifts for the better. 

In order to have optimal function (when the different body parts of yours do the work they were meant to do) your whole body needs to work as a unit. To declare ownership over the parts of us, whether physical, mental or spiritual part, we need to learn how to guide breath back to that body part. Often we unknowingly abandon certain parts of ourselves that create genuine pain, both physically and or mentally. But there is a path back to ourselves. Through unlearning bad breathing patterns and learning how to breathe correctly, in a non invasive but directive way, in an honoring way, where we practice tentative and kind listening to our different parts. We take our unique life stories into consideration as an integral part of our healing journey. When the body registers us as a trustworthy ‘partner’ and we take the right action steps (such as moving our body and talking to ourself in respectful and healing ways) , then our ‘long lost’ body part experiences how taking a breath feels like. Good news, these great shifts can happen in a subtle way, filled with tender care. 

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