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A note on YOGA

I used to say that yoga is like going into Whole Foods and come across the supplement isles. Many shiny bottles of promising results. Many of these supplements really do some good for you but may not be fixing the root cause of your problems. There are SO MANY yoga schools and many yoga styles that are like the shiny bottles but are actually crap. The bottom line? Movement is better than no movement to excite and train your body. As long as you don’t get injured but actually receive the support to create healing connections (I call them light bulb moments) in your body.  

When we find a brand we become loyal to the brand. 

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touching my roots back home in Hungary

Throughout my 20 years of experience with yoga I have transformed. Now I understand that it had given me the warrior training I needed to go through the evolution my spirit mandated for this life. I became loyal to a style that is known to be ‘intense’. This style is also ‘no bullshit’ very much to the point and trains its teachers to be injury aware who are capable to offer healing solutions through its practice. 

What doctors think about yoga...

The medical community has mixed feelings about yoga. I really think the uncertainty comes because of how many people come to them after yoga injuries. My friend Heba (owner of Hibs Yoga and creatrix of the Diamond Advanced Training) says “I come from a family of doctors, I’m around a lot of people in the medical community, and the general consensus is frustration with all the patients who come in because of herniated discs, rotator cuff tears, bone on bone hips, torn up knees, and SI joint pain due to faulty yoga practice.”

In my 10 years of teaching Forrest Yoga (a style that knows how to offer healing adjustments for injuries) I can’t tell you how many people came to my practice looking to heal injuries from… yes you guessed right…teachers in other yoga styles hurting them with adjustments and series of movements that over time cause issues listed above. Repeated movement educates the body be it function or disfunction.

A healer knows how to honor the body and gives the people what they need. 

One of my closest and most dedicated students of 3 years who came to me injured and scared to ever practice yoga again inspired me to simplify and slow down my teaching. Life inspired me to do the same thing. While my advanced asana practice helped me connect to my indigenous prayer ways, and gave me strength to get through a very challenging time of my life, I also learnt to slow down and start a love affair with my body. Slowing down does not mean you remain slow. It means that when it is time to speed up YOU CAN UPTAKE THE EXCITEMENT WITHOUT GETTING INJURED. Walking through life with open eyes and tuned in to what the body needs for healing and how to incorporate relational healing, nervous system healing, functional movement patterns harnessing the energy around and within us, with the breath, Pelvic Jaw Alignment was born. During teaching my student and really being present with her  I had my own light bulb moments realizing and developing new ways to create effective and healing shift in the body. I think THE REAL ADVANCED ASANA IS BEING ABLE TO SLOW DOWN AND COMMUNICATE WITH OUR BODY through that practicing a healthy relationship. Healing connection and having these foundational movement principles is a must before getting into the exciting terrain of advanced yoga poses. I am forever grateful for my healing movement practices. From my dance sessions that elevate my mood and nurture my body, my advanced Forrest Yoga practice to simple things like walking through the forest and be able to uptake life through the scent of the fertile rich soil after a rainy day, the gift of feeling life in a healthy relationship with LIFE is what I want others to experience too for as long as possible.

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