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Days until beta testing group BEGINS:

Holistic Body Integration for TMJ disorder healing

In 8 weeks I help you to reduce the discomfort caused by TMJ disorder, have capacity to lead a happy life, and become a well equipped warrior to advocate for yourself as you navigate through the TMJ disorder journey.

To get Results you will practice:

  • pain freeing exercising that helps you align and balance your muscle tone
  • pain freeing breathing habits that will reduce inflammation
  • pain freeing life style to make positive change last

“Holistic body integration for TMJ disorder healing” program works because it addresses the full body instead of just your jaw or mouth to create pain freeing results. You will learn to use a TMJ specialist doctor invented facial training device combined with my method and expertise of 10 years helping people get out of pain. We will address and mobilize the whole nervous system and will optimize your breath to help you create new habits, more pain free days and live a happier, more wholesome life.

My work is TMJ doctor recommended

Book an appointment with me to find out if this course will help You to undo clenching, reduce TMJ pain and lead a happier life!

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