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I show you how to  decrease TMJ disorder related pain and enjoy your life more! Heal your trauma and call in your energy from Jaw to Pelvis!


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When you purchase the VIP Bundle you will get access to both the Breath and Embodiment courses.

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BLA fit device in 4 colors: gray, pink, lavender, aqua



Hi, I'm Szilvia

I am the creatrix of Pelvic Jaw Alignment. I help people unlearn unhealthy breathing patterns to live a more aligned and embodied Life.
At the age of 19 I got into yoga. I was curious to see if learning yogic breathing and moving my body into pretzel shapes helped with my chaotic inner life. My first experience with spirituality, breath work and meditation got me even more out of my body and left me confused.
Later on as a Forrest Yoga teacher I started to learn how to get into my body. I learnt that getting into my body was the key to healing.
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I thought I knew some things about my pelvic area, but this class blew me away! Every class brought me back into my body in a deep and meaningful way. Szilvia has a gift of teaching you subtle movements that bring about big changes.
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
As I moved my jaw and lips, adding the breath in, I had the sensation of a mirror image of the same mechanics in my pelvis (for the side to side BLA exercise - I visualized the pelvis expanding side to side. And vice versa for the vertical movement. ) Along with Szilvia's personalized cues for sitting posture/ areas of my body to relax, I was able to feel a connection. Exhilarating!
Energy Artist
When Szilvia showed me how to use the BLA device and connect my breathing in a slow way, I felt my entire core engage for the first time, even though I have been doing yoga regularly for years.
Wendy Perkins
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
This training is highly recommended, ESPECIALLY, and I cannot stress this enough, if you have any physical or emotional blocks around being able to feel pleasure and satisfaction in your body. It’s revolutionary work!
Dr. Leila Kamali
Healer, Author, Educator
United Kingdom
Doctors said I would never get those muscles back. And the strain was on my back which kept getting injured. Szilvia’s work showed me I still have muscles in my core and how to engage them in a gentle kind way.
Amelia Blackstone
YouTuber (325 Better Habits)
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
I came to you frustrated with my condition. My dentist advised me to wear my mouth guard and it was out of her hands because from her standpoint, my teeth were perfect. You went through the entire (BLA Fit) demonstration & then I tried it out for myself. Within a minute BLA had unlocked my jaw!
Carmen Wehr
Yoga teacher
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