HURRY - Enrollment closes on May 13! This program will NOT be offered again in this format or at this price.


Master your breath
Master your life force


This is the ONLY time this program will be offered in this format and at this rate!

4 live sessions on Zoom (1-1¼ hour each). The BLA Fit is one of our tools that we will use during this program. The program will have recorded content specifically with the BLA Fit. If you do not receive your BLA Fit before the program begins, it is not essential to benefit from this program. Replays will be available for two months after the program ends.

Registration closes on May 13, 2021 

Sessions are every Friday beginning May 14 until June 4. Sessions will be at 10:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm EST | 5:00 pm UTC

Class 1: May 14

Class 2: May 21

Class 3: May 28

Class 4: June 4


Live classes are very valuable to do the work. If you need to miss a live class: self paced replay is available !! Make sure to make up any missed class the same week and report any feedback and relevant progress to Szilvia on the virtual course platform. Being connected is an important part of this work.


with the code "Breath"

NOTE: In order to receive your BLA Fit device on time for sessions, calculate the following estimate shipping times from date of order: USA 3-5 days, Europe/Asia/Canada 7-20 business days. Also, please be aware that your country may require customs clearance.

BLA fit device in 4 colors: gray, pink, lavender, aqua



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Are you ready to unlock your full spectrum of breath to improve your health?

I'm ready to be in charge

This program is for you if...

You have a tendency to be Reactive and make rushed decisions
You often experience “brain fog”
You tried breathwork and instead of a soothing effect, it created a panic response
You have a history of digestive and skin issues
You either experience lack of mobility (lots of tension) and/or lack of stability (in your body and life)
You experience pain in your 30s, or when you’re really too young for that kind of pain
You have unbalanced monthly cycles

Adapt healthy breathing habits

Learn tools to make connections between how you breathe and how your body functions (posture, pain patterns). We will adventure into the world of emotions and create a cleansing force using breath and indigenous ceremonial healing tools.

When you are not breathing fully you are...

Eating when you’re stressed or turning to your phone instead of tending to your needs
Forgetting why you walked into a room or difficulty recalling the correct words
Making up things that aren’t real or looking for proof of your negative thoughts
Constantly worrying and stressing over little things that don’t matter
Experiencing irregular elimination, acne, and rashes
Inflexible (lack of full range of motion) or hypermobile (over stretching, ligament issues)
Unable to participate in activities you love with the people you love
Feeling unsexy and not desirable

Why is your breath a big deal?

When you take a full embodied breath, it is the action that will help you get fully into your body. When you do not, it prevents you from living life fully.

A way this shows up is often when you can't find the words you want to say. If you are not breathing, then you cannot oxygenate your brain and your thoughts will not be clear thus preventing you from communicating your thoughts clearly.

To live life more fully, you can access the wisdom in your body through breathing through your whole body. 

Did you know?

Every system in the body relies on oxygen
Different breathing patterns activate our brain networks related to mood, attention, and body awareness
Breathing is known to modulate cardiovascular control
Proper breathing induces a functional state of alert relaxation

When you access a fuller spectrum of breath you will be

  • Making decisions from a calm and informed place
  • Knowing why you are where you are and what you truly intend to do
  • Becoming an ally with your mind
  • Think clearly when life happens
  • Higher functioning digestive system
  • Feeling stable and springy
  • Aging pain free
  • Feeling juicy and ability to experience a state of “natural high” (life force) 
I'm ready to feel Juicy
Szilvia sitting with arms crossed and chin resting on hand
Szilvia Bakos
Founder of Pelvic Jaw Alignment

Hi, I'm Szilvia,

I started to be interested in Breathing when I got into yoga at the age of 19. I was curious to see if becoming conscious over my breathing had any positive effects on my chaotic inner life. Because I needed to eventually learn to be in my body, the first breathworks I practiced got me even more out of my body and because I had unresolved trauma, a lot of breathworks I tried exaggerated my internal chaos (nervous system dysfunctions).
Later on as a Forrest Yoga teacher I learnt how to get into my body ( finally!! :) by learning to sit with my discomfort and applying deep breathing. I learnt different types of yogic breathing and started to feel which breath brought ‘heat’ to my body and which helped ‘cool’ it down. Later as I went deeper into studying my postural/energetic/emotional and spiritual patterns I came across Intra Abdominal and Intrathoracic Breathing which I brought into my yoga practice, teaching, harnessing the power of these type of breathing with the purpose of opening up blockages in the body and create realignment. I was happily combining these powerful ways to breathe with my advanced asana practice.
After an injury on horseback I was forced to slow down and thanks to my friend David (Dance of the Dragon) I learnt his qigong techniques, a soft way of breathing and discovered how powerful it is to bring subtlety into our movement practices. Moving this new way brought many of the inspirations to the way I teach now.
Breath is my lifeline to my body (embodiment) and through that my authentic self. Because I used to be checked out of my body, it is very comforting to take up space and have ownership in my own body, to be present for my life. Breath is the tool that helps to regulate my nervous system and transports my perception from mental processing to full body thinking.
Accessing your wiser self would be impossible without learning to breathe intelligently. Your structural mobility and bodily functions operate in coherency from full breath, the kind that massages the inner organs and aligns structure, muscles, joints and life.

Program Features

Blended Learning

You are in charge of your progress. You can take course content when you can. All live sessions are available on replay. The only thing I ask is that you complete lesson/homework of the week by Thursday evening each week.

Live Instruction Meetings

Once a week live virtual meeting with me and your tribe of people on a similar journey.

Custom BLA Fit instruction

Receive the BLAFit device as part of the program and learn how to use it to open up the pathway of the breath, releasing tension from your neck and jaw so that you can breathe deeper.

Nurturing community

We form a supportive web of community across the Globe. When you use the course platform, the community and Szilvia is present on the virtual platform.


30 Minute One on One session (value $175)

Need BLA Fit Device


Have BLA Fit Device

Use code "Breath" for FREE Worldwide Shipping
I'm ready to Master My Breath
I thought I knew some things about my pelvic area, but this class blew me away! Every class brought me back into my body in a deep and meaningful way. Szilvia has a gift of teaching you subtle movements that bring about big changes.
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
When Szilvia showed me how to use the BLA device and connect my breathing in a slow way, I felt my entire core engage for the first time, even though I have been doing yoga regularly for years.
Wendy smiling
Wendy Perkins
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
This training is highly recommended, ESPECIALLY, and I cannot stress this enough, if you have any physical or emotional blocks around being able to feel pleasure and satisfaction in your body. It’s revolutionary work!
Dr. Leila Kamali
Healer, Author, Educator
United Kingdom
Doctors said I would never get those muscles back. And the strain was on my back which kept getting injured. Szilvia’s work showed me I still have muscles in my core and how to engage them in a gentle kind way.
Amelia smiling with dog next to her
Amelia Blackstone
YouTuber (325 Better Habits)
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
I came to you frustrated with my condition. My dentist advised me to wear my mouth guard and it was out of her hands because from her standpoint, my teeth were perfect. You went through the entire (BLA Fit) demonstration & then I tried it out for myself. Within a minute BLA had unlocked my jaw!
Carmen Wehr
Yoga teacher
I'm ready to Align

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