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Through Life's Challenges


This is the ONLY time this program will be offered in this format and at this rate!

4 live sessions on Zoom (1-1¼ hour each). The BLA Fit is one of our tools that we will use during this program. The program will have recorded content specifically with the BLA Fit. If you do not receive your BLA Fit before the program begins, it is not essential to benefit from this program. Replays will be available for one month after the program ends.

Registration closes on June 17, 2021 

Sessions are Fridays beginning June 18, June 25, July 9 & July 16 (Class will not be held on July 2nd). Sessions will be at 10:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm EST | 5:00 pm UTC


with the code "Resiliency"

NOTE: In order to receive your BLA Fit device on time for sessions, calculate the following estimate shipping times from date of order: USA 3-5 days, Europe/Asia/Canada 7-20 business days. Also, please be aware that your country may require customs clearance.

BLA fit device in 4 colors: gray, pink, lavender, aqua


Resiliency is the ability to withstand the challenges of life. In these 4 weeks you will make a connection to your own nervous system and stimulate your vagal network. 

You will be guided to make a healing connection to yourself through learning:
• How your nervous system works
• How trauma/unprocessed life experiences affect the nervous system, keeping you unhappy and in pain
• How to process your stored trauma and come to a place of healing
I'm ready to Heal

This program is for you if...

Can not relax, always ‘on the go’, mind is racing
Unable to feel good in your skin and enjoy the pleasures of life, the environment feels ‘unsafe’ often times even though in reality you are not in danger
Have hormonal imbalance, unexplainable conditions such as skin rashes, irregular heart rate, mystery pain in your body, autoimmune disorders, addictive patterns (substance, food, people, thought pattern)
Can’t find yourself or what you want in sex or intimate relationships, including not knowing how to relate to your own self
Feel like you are out of touch from yourself, uncertainty in your decisions, hesitancy
Have shitty boundaries and hard time speaking up for yourself
Often experience anxiety and a sense of disassociation

Your nervous system’s purpose is to keep you safe

Your nervous system is designed to help you digest all of life's experiences that happen to you each day. When your nervous system experiences "threats" it mobilizes or collapses. 

When your nervous system is unregulated you are...

Ruled by fear
Putting your needs last
Unable to express anger, communicate frustration and needs, feeling like nobody listens to you
Lacking a connection line to others and self. Unrealistic/distorted outlook on life that is not in alignment with reality
Disempowered, tolerating crumbs and obsessing over emotionally unavailable men, and ending up in toxic/codependent dynamics
Making immature decisions  resulting in more unhappiness , no pleasure in things no lust for life
Embarrassed of your body image / appearance , shrinking into small, sadness, depression , anxiety , feeling not enough
Not at peace and feeling unbalanced and not grounded

Why is it important to have a regulated nervous system?

A well operating nervous system smoothly shifts between upregulation (movement) and downregulation (calm) throughout the day. In a healthy nervous system when you sense threat your sympathetic nervous system activates and notions you to mobilize, then when threat is over it returns to a state of calm and rest.

When you have repeated threats and stress, your nervous system stays upregulated. Your nervous system needs training and healing guidance to lead her out of the thick of the woods and detangle ‘the threads’ of your neuro-networks and the tangled threads of your life stories.

Did you know?

When people have 4 or more adverse childhood experiences (ACES) there is a 240% increase in heart disease, 190% increase in cancer, 1,030% increase in drug addiction, and 460% increase in depression
Transgenerational trauma (trauma that is passed down in the genes from parents) impacts nervous system regulation
Symptoms of ANS dysregulation:
• Blood pressure complications
• Cardiac distress
• Problems breathing and swallowing
Regulated nervous system allows for processing of emotions without leading to anxiety, depression, and other adverse effects
Szilvia reaching up to the sky

When you practice and develop resiliency you will:

  • Naturally feel your body’s signal and know when to rest, when to activate, all aligned with REALITY. Feeling ‘in charge’, in tune. 
  • Be in alignment with your needs and who you are. Live life in partnership with yourself.
  • Make decisions from a place of clarity
  • Have the ability to register when something is good for us, discern what is good for us and choose that 
  • Know when to rest because you have the ability to listen to your body’s signals
  • Know when the danger is real and when it is your trauma (ptsd) response (your nervous system trying to protect you)
  • Enjoy activities and truly experience a recharge, uptake pleasure , sweetness of life, such as enjoying quiet meditation or laying down relaxation 
  • Self source happiness, knowing your worth and living an empowered life 
I'm ready to BE RESILIENT
Szilvia sitting with arms crossed and chin resting on hand
Szilvia Bakos
Founder of Pelvic Jaw Alignment

Hi, I'm Szilvia,

Through my life I needed to face that my unresolved life experiences and childhood trauma led me to form dysfunctional relationship patterns. I needed to look at these issues when my 15 year long marriage suddenly came to an end and my nervous system went into a shock. I chose to look at the bigger picture. I decided not to play victim, but take responsibility and look at how my own patterns led to a seemingly happy marriage. This painful experience turned out to be something that helped me to heal my nervous system. Through this work I became a Warrior.

My 20 year long Forrest yoga practice taught me to stay strong and steady through Life’s storms. Rooted in a ceremonial approach to movement, my transformation required me to face my ‘not so pretty parts’ while cultivating and amplifying the beautiful sparks of my Spirit. Of course I felt the discomfort of fears stored in my body, the social/emotional conditioning that ruled me and learnt how to loosen the grip of the past. As I stepped into my wiser self all these past patterns started to shift too. I started to teach something new to my nervous system.

When I came across the BLAFit I looked at is as a potential tool to create nervous system healing by helping the nervous system to move out of an upregulated and other disregulated states. I developed techniques that gently and effectively stimulate and balance the vagal nerve. Testing this theory on myself, clients and eventually Dr. Maryam (inventor of BLAfit) I realized that done in the correct way, we can help the nervous system downregulate (first part of healing) and bring it to regulation (second part). In our course we will focus on this with the device so that you can live a happier, more balanced life.

Program Features

Blended Learning

You are in charge of your progress. You can take course content when you can. All live sessions are available on replay. The only thing I ask is that you complete lesson/homework of the week by Thursday evening each week.

Live Instruction Meetings

Once a week live virtual meeting with me and your tribe of people on a similar journey.

Custom BLA Fit instruction

Receive the BLAFit device as part of the program and learn how to use it to open up the pathway of the breath, releasing tension from your neck and jaw so that you can breathe deeper.

Nurturing community

We form a supportive web of community across the Globe. When you use the course platform, the community and Szilvia is present on the virtual platform.


Free shipping on BLAFit device world wide (!!) Please note that your country may require you to pay customs.

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I'm ready to regulate my nervous system
I thought I knew some things about my pelvic area, but this class blew me away! Every class brought me back into my body in a deep and meaningful way. Szilvia has a gift of teaching you subtle movements that bring about big changes.
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
As I moved my jaw and lips, adding the breath in, I had the sensation of a mirror image of the same mechanics in my pelvis (for the side to side BLA exercise - I visualized the pelvis expanding side to side. And vice versa for the vertical movement. ) Along with Szilvia's personalized cues for sitting posture/ areas of my body to relax, I was able to feel a connection. Exhilarating!
Energy Artist
When Szilvia showed me how to use the BLA device and connect my breathing in a slow way, I felt my entire core engage for the first time, even though I have been doing yoga regularly for years.
Wendy smiling
Wendy Perkins
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
This training is highly recommended, ESPECIALLY, and I cannot stress this enough, if you have any physical or emotional blocks around being able to feel pleasure and satisfaction in your body. It’s revolutionary work!
Dr. Leila Kamali
Healer, Author, Educator
United Kingdom
Doctors said I would never get those muscles back. And the strain was on my back which kept getting injured. Szilvia’s work showed me I still have muscles in my core and how to engage them in a gentle kind way.
Amelia smiling with dog next to her
Amelia Blackstone
YouTuber (325 Better Habits)
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
I came to you frustrated with my condition. My dentist advised me to wear my mouth guard and it was out of her hands because from her standpoint, my teeth were perfect. You went through the entire (BLA Fit) demonstration & then I tried it out for myself. Within a minute BLA had unlocked my jaw!
Carmen Wehr
Yoga teacher
I'm ready to Align

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